Level of Occupational Balance among Retirees in Malaysia


  • Qistina Taqifa Muhammad Syakir Menon Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • Ahmad Zamir Che Daud
  • Siti Nor Ismalina Isa
  • Manoj Kumar Ranabhat


Occupational balance has been proven to benefit retirees’ health and can significantly improve their life satisfaction and quality of life post-retirement. This study aims to identify the level of occupational balance among retirees in Malaysia. A cross-sectional study was conducted, and a purposive sampling method was used to recruit 400 participants from the retiree population. Based on the findings, the mean of OBQ11 total scores was 22.96 (SD = 4.79), with a minimum score of 10.00 and a maximum score of 33.00. To conclude, this study showed that retirees in Malaysia have a high level of occupational balance.



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Muhammad Syakir Menon, Q. T., Che Daud, A. Z., Isa, S. N. I., & Ranabhat, M. K. (2024). Level of Occupational Balance among Retirees in Malaysia. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 9(27). Retrieved from https://ebpj.e-iph.co.uk/index.php/EBProceedings/article/view/5398

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