Cinema-induced Tourism in Morocco: A narrative review


  • Moulay Abdellah Taibi Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University
  • Fatima-Zohra Iflahen Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University



Cinema-Induced Tourism, Morocco, Narrative Review


A leading destination for both tourists and filmmakers, Morocco - specifically the province of Ouarzazate - has the potential to be a cinema-induced tourism (CIT) cradle. Branded as the "Hollywood of Africa," this province is privileged due to its diversified landscape. Through a narrative review approach, this article explores the development of (CIT) in Morocco. It identifies research areas and trends by providing state-of-the-art knowledge and highlighting gaps. The results unveil the dearth of research in this field despite Morocco's pioneerism as a (CIT) destination. Furthermore, this niche is underexploited as a tourism product by national destination marketers.


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