Mosque Development in Malaysia: Is it the product of evolution and social behaviour?


  • Mohd Zafrullah Mohd Taib
  • Zulhabri Ismail
  • Shamsidar Ahmad
  • Tajuddin Rasdi



Building of a mosque is a great achievement of the Muslim community. This research aims to introduce the idea of changing uses and meaning of the mosque in contemporary Muslim societies by evaluating the development and social behavior towards spaces in Malaysia mosques. The method is to examine textual reference Al Quran and hadith as a reference and to adopt quantitative and qualitative approach towards typological development of Mosque and social behavior of users in the case studies. Perceptions toward a sanctity of space are preferential to the prayer hall. It is through an honest response to such considerations rather than through a literal expression of past that the mosque of the future will retain their differences and remain close to the spirit of Islam.

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Keywords: Mosque development; sanctity space; muslim Malay mosque; interaction of space  


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