Appropriate Trees along the Elevated Railway in Lamphun City, Thailand


  • Kanyawee Boonpanya Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, 50200 Thailand
  • Karuna Raksawin Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University, 50200 Thailand



Environmental Design, Visual Frames, Visual Landscape, Elevated Railway


Thailand's Ministry of Transport aims to elevate the Den Chai-Chiang Mai double-track railway at Lamphun's Mueang Nga intersection, impacting the city's physical characteristics. This research focuses on harmonizing the large elevated railway with Lamphun's urban landscape and environment. Analyzing perspectives and considering perennial plant species selection, the study enhances visual aesthetics, shading, dust filtration, and heat reduction. Methodologically, it involves summarizing suitable plant information, simulating images with SketchUp, and analyzing before-and-after perspectives. Findings emphasize trees' positive environmental impact, recommending local species like the Cassia and symbolic species like the Thong Kwao for their adaptability and low maintenance.


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