Recovery in Physical Function, Fatigue and Quality of Life in Post-Mild COVID-19 Infection


  • Mohd Nazeri Kamarudin Centre for Physiotherapy Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Selangor, Malaysia / Physiotherapy Unit, Hospital Al-Sultan Abdullah (HASA), UiTM Selangor, Malaysia
  • Muhammad Amin Ibrahim Hospital KPJ Selangor, Malaysia
  • Li Whye Cindy Ng Department of Physiotherapy, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore / Health and Social Cluster, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore
  • Fatim Tahirah Mirza Centre for Physiotherapy Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Selangor, Malaysia



Physical Function, Post-mild COVID-19, Quality of Life, Recovery


Mild COVID-19 patients are either asymptomatic or present with mild respiratory symptoms, but as high as 5-10% may experience prolonged symptoms. Insufficient knowledge on mild-COVID-19 recovery poses uncertainties among healthcare professionals and patients, potentially causing treatment delays and may lead to a cluster of people not recovering from post-COVID-19 infection. This study aims to determine changes in respiratory symptoms, physical function, dyspnoea and fatigue, and Quality of Life in mild COVID-19 patients up to 3 months after the onset of symptoms. The results showed significant improvements in all outcomes at 3 months, but the scores were below normal.


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