Nurturing Community Engagement in Coastal Erosion Risk Management in Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Yusfida Ayu Abdullah, Habsah Hashim, Na'asah Nasrudin, Puziah Ahmad


The coastal areas in Peninsular Malaysia have been experiencing immense coastal erosion issues. The government executed many initiatives to reduce coastal erosion and damages. This study aims at examining the local community's beliefs and role in protecting their coastal areas. Pantai Jeram and Pantai Remis became the case study, and a questionnaire survey using purposive sampling was conducted involving 212 respondents. A focus group discussion was also operated. Results demonstrated severe damage to the coastal area and revealed the awareness of the residents and their willingness to participate in community engagement programs.

Keywords: Coastal Zone; Coastal Erosion; Coastal Risk Management; Community Engagement

eISSN: 2398-4287 © 2020. The Authors. Published for AMER ABRA cE-Bs by e-International Publishing House, Ltd., UK. This is an open access article under the CC BYNC-ND license ( Peer–review under responsibility of AMER (Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers), ABRA (Association of Behavioural Researchers on Asians) and cE-Bs (Centre for Environment-Behaviour Studies), Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.


Coastal Zone; Coastal Erosion; Coastal Risk Management; Community Engagement

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