Influence of Environmental Knowledge and Green Trust on Green Purchase Behaviour


  • Songyue Li Zhejiang Business College
  • Ratneswary Rasiah Graduate School of Business, SEGi University, Malaysia
  • Shufan Zheng Faculty of Business Administration, Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics, China
  • Ziyan Yuan Department of Financial Management, Faculty of Accounting, Yunnan Technology and Business University, China



Environmental Knowledge, Green Trust, Green Purchase Behaviour, Mediating Effect


This study investigates the influence of environmental knowledge and green trust on green purchase intentions and behavior, and the mediating role of purchase intentions.  Through questionnaire surveys and statistical analysis, the research findings reveal that environmental knowledge and green trust significantly influence green purchase intentions and actual green purchasing behaviour. The results of this study hold significant meaning for the formulation of environmental education and environmental advocacy strategies, contributing to enhancing consumers' environmental awareness and promoting green purchasing behaviour.


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Li, S., Rasiah, R., Zheng, S., & Yuan, Z. (2023). Influence of Environmental Knowledge and Green Trust on Green Purchase Behaviour . Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 8(26), 353–358.