Influence of Customer Relationship on Supply Chain Performance in Telecommunication Industry


  • Noraini Ahmad School of Business, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
  • Rohana Sham School of Business, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
  • Syazwani Yahaya School of Business, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
  • Najiya Obaid Ameir Alhajri Business Studies Department, University Technology of Applied Science, Muscat, Oman



Customer relationship, Logistics integration, Telecommunication, Supply Chain Performance


This study aimed to explore the relationship between customer relationships and supply chain performance, with a focus on mediating role of logistics integration as well as whether this relationship is mediated by logistics integration. The study was conducted among 361 employees from 21 Malaysian telecommunication firms in Malaysia by applying a structural equation modeling with SmartPLS. Findings revealed customer relationship associated with supply chain performance and supported. However, the study found that the mediating effect of logistics integration in the relationship between customer relationships and supply chain performance was not statistically significant.


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Ahmad, N., Sham, R., Yahaya, S., & Ameir Alhajri, N. O. (2024). Influence of Customer Relationship on Supply Chain Performance in Telecommunication Industry . Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 9(27), 19–25.



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