Fire Safety Management System for Heritage Buildings in Malaysia


  • Rozrinda Roslan Sustainable Heritage Environment Research Group, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam 40000, Malaysia
  • Shahrul Yani Said Sustainable Heritage Environment Research Group, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam 40000, Malaysia



Fire is one of the horrific events that could lead to death and total destruction of buildings. Many great buildings were lost on fire. Many towns and cities were rebuilt because of great fires. Heritage buildings are recognized as over 50 years of age and built with distinct architectural features of its time. Nonetheless, these buildings present a great risk as it is often not well prepared for current fire hazard. This paper reviews the fire safety management system for heritage buildings in Malaysia based on selected research carried out.



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Roslan, R., & Said, S. Y. (2017). Fire Safety Management System for Heritage Buildings in Malaysia. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 2(6), 221-226.



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