Vol. 6 No. SI5 (2021): Sep. Special Issue No. 5. ICHDC2019 1st International Conference on Humanities Design & Creativity ShahAlam2019

Knowledge of Humanities, Design & Creativity (HDC) in the public and social sector helps bridge the gap between the government and the people that it serves. Changing people’s mindset from passive receivers or providers of policies and services to active citizens with a sense of true shared ownership. HDC intervenes in a personal, organizational as well as a state-wide level addressing the complexity of challenges from many different perspectives and levels. It empowers people to take action and organisations to be more flexible as it promotes openness and build capacity for design and innovation.

We invite and challenge you to join this inevitable debate at 1st International Conference on Humanities Design & Creativity (ICHDC’s) – HDC towards Education5.0. ICHDC2019 will focus on humanities, design and collaboration with other disciplines as the backbone for our future. A future that seems to become more complicated, more vibrant, more interactive, and more time-critical. We must learn to replace short-term thinking with an integrated view on people’s long-term quality of life.

Published: 2021-09-01

Communications / Social Media Environment

Community Environment / Social Psychology

Design & Creative Environment

Educational / Learning Environment

Elderly Environment

Health / Healing Environment

Inclusive / Disabled Environment

Legal Matters

Local Cultural / Heritage Environment (Food included)

Sustainable Environment

Technology-related Environment

Urban Environment / Urban Psychology