Deterrent Factors in Urban Farming Participation

Noriah Othman, Siti Zabeda Mohammad, Nurhayati Abd Malek, Mohd Ali Waliyuddin A Razak


Urban farming is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around urban areas. Urban farming is a relatively new trend in Malaysia and has increased in recent years. As urban farming remains to be promoted by municipal governments and others, it is essential to understand how to ensure these projects are viable. This study was conducted to identify the deterrent factors that hinder the "community buy-in" in the urban farming projects and how to overcome the problem so that "community buy-in" in the urban farming project will be achieved and sustain in the future.

Keywords: Urban Farming; Deterrent Factors; Participation; Community Buy-In

eISSN: 2398-4287 © 2020. The Authors. Published for AMER ABRA cE-Bs by e-International Publishing House, Ltd., UK. This is an open access article under the CC BYNC-ND license ( Peer–review under responsibility of AMER (Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers), ABRA (Association of Behavioural Researchers on Asians) and cE-Bs (Centre for Environment-Behaviour Studies), Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia.


Urban Farming; Deterrent Factors; Participation; Community Buy-In

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