Tree Species Selection in Street Planting: It’s relationship with issues in urban area


  • Ramly Hasan
  • Noriah Othman
  • Faridah Ismail



Trees in urban areas are an invaluable resource. Careful consideration and attention should be given to tree species selection. “Right tree at the right place†is the key to get the benefits offered by the tree. Objectives have been formulated as follows (i) to investigate the selection of tree species at selected local councils (ii) to analyse the issues related to the selection of the tree species looking at the public perspectives. A mixed method approach was undertaken in the data collection. Future considerations of the tree species as street planting based on the findings can reduce problems thus increase the quality of urban life.


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Hasan, R., Othman, N., & Ismail, F. (2017). Tree Species Selection in Street Planting: It’s relationship with issues in urban area. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 2(6), 185–194.

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