Uncovering the Heartbeat of Public Transport in Klang Valley—Is Your Journey Satisfying?


  • Rohana Sham School of Business, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia
  • Kavan Tai Kah Hing Faculty of Business and Management, UCSI University, Malaysia
  • Chee Qiao Ruh Faculty of Business and Management, UCSI University, Malaysia
  • Maricel Co Supply Chain Performance Section, Property Control and Inventory Unit, United Nations, West Africa
  • Dazmin Daud Faculty of Business and Management, UCSI University, Malaysia




Public Transport, Transport Service, Service Quality, User Satisfaction


This paper explores the essential elements of public transport service quality to enhance commuter preferences in Klang Valley, Malaysia. It specifically investigates reliability, assurance, tangible aspects, and responsiveness as key dimensions impacting customer satisfaction while riding on public transport among the urban residents in the Kuala Lumpur urban area. The study's main aim is to examine relationships among these dimensions and their overall influence on customer satisfaction using quantitative methods, with multiple linear regression analysis and convenience sampling used. The research seeks to capture a representative sample size to provide insights for targeted improvements in the overall public transport system.


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Sham, R., Kah Hing , K. T., Qiao Ruh, C., Co, M., & Daud , D. (2024). Uncovering the Heartbeat of Public Transport in Klang Valley—Is Your Journey Satisfying?. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 9(27), 281–286. https://doi.org/10.21834/e-bpj.v9i27.5563

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