Bio Mass Initiative; Awareness and Practice: Case study, Subang Jaya


  • Siti Mazwin Kamaruddin
  • Mohd Hafiz Sharif
  • Alamah Misni
  • Puziah Ahmad



Public awareness and active engagement in environmental programmes are associated with a better quality of life (Kamaruddin 2016; Mohit 2016). This exploratory study highlights the level of awareness and practice of residents in the bio mass initiative of a case study area. Self reported descriptive responses indicate that having awareness and knowledge regarding waste management does not necessarily result in actual sustainable waste practice. This paradox is consistent with other findings of similar studies (Kamaruddin 2016). Practical steps are identified to encourage residents and help sustain the bio mass initiative programme implemented by a local authority in Selangor, Malaysia.

Keywords:Biomass Program, Community Involvement

ISSN: 2398-4287© 2017. The Authors. Published for AMER ABRA by e-International Publishing House, Ltd., UK. This is an open access article under the CC BYNC-ND license ( Peer–review under responsibility of AMER (Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers), ABRA (Association of Behavioural Researchers on Asians) and cE-Bs (Centre for Environment-Behaviour Studies), Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, UniversitiTeknologi MARA, Malaysia.


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Kamaruddin, S. M., Sharif, M. H., Misni, A., & Ahmad, P. (2017). Bio Mass Initiative; Awareness and Practice: Case study, Subang Jaya. Environment-Behaviour Proceedings Journal, 2(5), 31-40.



Community Environment / Social Psychology

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